CFRC Water & Energy Solutions is a Cleveland, Ohio-based privately held corporation incorporated in 2004. CFRC is based in downtown Cleveland, and headquarter functions are expected to remain there for the foreseeable future. CFRC has established operations on the West Coast in the Las Vegas area. Additional manufacturing operations sites are being considered as the company works with established outsourced manufacturing firms and make plans to eventually have its own in-house manufacturing.


The mission of CFRC Water & Energy Solutions, Inc. is to provide “Solutions Today for a Better Tomorrow” by producing products and services that will have a positive economic and environmental impact in the lives of people and in industry. Solutions that will generate a profit within the commercial and residential high shower-use industries throughout the United States especially the southern, western regions and other water challenged regions. We will support these industries with installation services and maintenance programs for the users of our cost-saving showering systems solutions in new construction, renovation and in disaster-recovery reconstruction projects, all with a focus on and strong commitment to providing jobs in the local community. CFRC will continue to add and develop solutions that will be yield benefits and savings economically and environmentally.

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