The importance of saving water and energy while showering has increased significantly over the past few years since, as illustrated by the chart at right, shower use is 16.8% of water costs in a home. Comparable percentages are true for enterprises. Additional data indicates that if 80% of showerheads in the United States were enhanced with high efficiency, low-flow models, over 1 billion gallons of water could easily be saved daily. Thus, CFRC has chosen to focus on this segment of the market.

Our initial product line has been designed to profit a wide variety of markets. RM series models are designed specifically for the needs of residential users, where ease of installation is critical. For each unit, consumers can expect an estimated annual savings of over $100 in energy costs.

CM series models are designed for companies and organizations that have 10 to 1,000 shower units installed. Commercial, institutional, recreational, industrial and government clients like hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, fitness centers, manufacturing plants and military bases will find the patented system unparalleled, because it accomplishes the goal of conserving water and energy, with minimal equipment investment and facility renovation. Builders and suppliers will find our solutions to be a valuable offering to their client.

We will be pleased to provide you with technical details and additional information on how our product line will fit your potential application.

Chart: Residential End Uses of Water (Denver, Colo.: AWWARF, 1999).

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